You deserve the creative career that you have dreamed of.
What's holding you back? Whether it's being overwhelmed, creative block, imposter syndrome, or a mix, I'm here to help you overcome these challenges with support and motivation.
Lets Connect
Lets Connect
Headshot of Robert Smith smiling.Headshot of Robert Smith smiling.

Technology doesn’t solve creative burn out. Mindset does.

What I offer

Is head banging, coffee drinking, blank staring, and finger tapping not getting the creative juices flowing? Let's ignite your creativity!

Inspirational and practical strategies to become your best creative self, because there’s nothing artificial about your intelligence. I teach the skills and strategies that will last your career. Mindset, passion and energy are what you need and what I specialize in. I coach and train designers, writers, directors, content creators and UX/UI designers to become their best creative self.

Individual Coaching

Burnout, stress and loss of passion are common in the communications industry. You are not alone. Sign up for my one on one sessions and rediscover your passion and strengthen your skills. Let’s do this!

Team Building

I offer custom training programs and presentations for in-house groups to improve creative workflow, efficient ideation and powerful communication strategies. This is not your traditional team-building!


For over 10 years I have taught creativity, portfolio preparation among other important topics. From one hour pep-talks to inspiring and interactive creative workshops. Learn more about how I can work with your school.
'Stop Looking for Zebras' book cover shot.

Let’s face it, staying motivated isn’t always easy!

Whether you work for a corporation, government, agency or on your own, we can all use an inspirational jolt — and this is the book you’ve been looking for!
Robert Smith is speaking to a group of students about personal growth and development.
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Why Choose Me

I give a sh*t about what I do, but more importantly, I care about helping you.

It’s true! Whether you are an author, writer, designer, director, business owner or mentor - it’s safe to say I’ve been around the block a few times. But more importantly I care about the ones feeling like the odd one out, I’ve been there and I can relate to the feeling too. I want you to become your best creative self.
A black and white photo of Robert Smith writing notes on a wooden bench.

“exceptionally enlightening”

My session with Robert was exceptionally enlightening, as he expertly dissected my concerns and provided invaluable guidance for my career path. He proved to be a great listener, generously sharing his knowledge as a well-meaning mentor. I highly recommend Robert for his expertise and wisdom, and I'm eager to reconnect with him for further guidance in the future. Thanks, Robert!
Paul - Think-Smith client
Creative Strategist

“positive and motivational”

I really enjoyed my chat with Rob. He was able to understand me, my needs, and my personality and how to find the right solutions for me. His advice was always positive and motivational, and he gave examples that made ideas simple to understand. I'm looking forward to booking another session!
Tamar - Think-Smith client
Product Designer

“grounded, kind, great listener”

If I have to pick one person to speak with in order to up my creative game, it would be Robert (and I've spoken with quite a number of mentors). He's mastered the craftsman mindset and can give you very clear executional tips and technique to deliver better work. I'm so thankful I found Robert. PS. he's got the best personality too - grounded, kind, great listener. Thank you Robert!
Chanya - Think-Smith client
CEO, Early-stage Startup

Still not convinced?

If you don't invest in yourself, who will? I'm here for you! Let's take action together. Get a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your creative challenges. Maybe we won't cover everything in 30 minutes, but let's chat and find the best path for you!

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